A perfect cup of tea


Encyclopedia Britannica

Freshly picked tea buds from the fields of Sri Lanka; a small island nation in the Indian ocean, south of India. The first step in the tea harvesting process.

Emma Karshna, Staff Writer

People have been steeping tea leaves for centuries all over the world. Tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwide, second only to good ol’ H2O. While being caffeinated is a perk within itself, tea also has a wide variety of health benefits.

There are many different kinds of tea, all of which originate from the same plant called camellia sinensis. The distinctions of each kind is due to how to the tea processed after harvest. A common variety of what some would say to have the most health benefits is green tea.

Green tea is packed with antioxidants which fight free radicals within the body (free radicals can cause disease and increase aging!). Multiple studies also support that green tea speeds up the metabolism, which not only can help with weight loss but can also increase one’s general energy levels. These benefits are shared among all kinds of tea, each kind with its own ratio of healthy minerals, antioxidants, and caffeine levels.

If the earthy plant flavors of green tea don’t go over well on your palette, that’s okay! There are 4 different kinds of tea: green, oolong, white, and black. All of which can be sweetened with all kinds of things. A squirt of honey, some squeezed lemon, or even a pouch or so of sugar can take away bitterness that some tea drinkers may not desire, as well as adding their own healthy advantages. Each type has its own unique flavor profile with hundreds of variations so you can surely find your perfect cup of tea.

While this beverage is far more common in parts of the world such as Asia, India, and the United Kingdom, feel free to step out of your comfort zone and try something cultural. Instead of reaching for your daily fix of coffee, switch up your morning with a different kind of energy boost. You may find that a cup of steeped tea leaves may just be your perfect cup of joe.