Forensics team ends 2016 season successfully


The NBW forensics team participated in the state competition held at UW Whitewater. Hannah Geomarco and Katey Devine made it to the finals this year.

The forensics season came to a close along with spring break on April 2nd. The team had a successful season which garnered several medals and some first place titles throughout the competitions. A large portion of the team competed at the state meet that is usually held at Ripon College but was held at University of Wisconsin Whitewater this year.

The forensics team started off the day by meeting at New Berlin West at 6:30 in the morning. From there, they crammed themselves into vans and headed off to Whitewater. The weather was not ideal; a winter storm had set in.

After a 45-minute trip, the forensics members arrived at Whitewater. Competitors were told to get settled into the University Center. This is where students prepared before heading off to their rounds.

Soon after, the competitors were given room assignments for the first three rounds. In each round, a competitor performs in front of a judge and a number of fellow competitors. How well the competitor does in the first three preliminary rounds determines whether or not he or she will move on to the semi-finals.

After each performer from West finished the first three rounds, the team had lunch back in the UC. Here, they awaited the results from the first three rounds, that were to be posted in a large room upstairs. After an hour, the results were posted. Out of the NBW students, senior Hannah Giammarco and junior Katey Devine were semifinalists. The team split into two groups to go support them in their rounds. After watching their performances, the team waited to see if either Giammarco or Devine made it into the final rounds.

It was revealed that Giammarco had become a finalist. It was the first time in two years that a member from the NBW team finaled at state. The team went to cheer her on in her performance. Afterward, it was time for the awards ceremony. Every competitor gathered in the auditorium to watch as finalists took the stage and earned their place. Devine earned a medal for her place in the semi-finals and Giammarco won a trophy for placing sixth overall.

The 2016 forensics season ended very successfully, overall. Next year the team will see if anyone can live up to Giammarco’s legacy.