NBW girls hit it out of the park

Sabrina French, Photo Editor

On Tuesday, April 12th, in just the 3rd game of the season, the New Berlin West girl’s softball team took home a great victory against rival school Eisenhower.

“The girls really put a lot of work into it,” Assistant coach Tim Minik stated, “They should be proud of the way they played.” With RBI’s from sophomore Cheyenne Sowinski, juniors Charolette Ropas, Camryn Klotz, and senior Abbey Stoltenberg and nine strikeouts by pitcher Sowinski, New Berlin West finished the game 6 to 1.  

The team’s support for one another on the field was inspiring. Cheering for each of their batters as they stepped up to the plate and giving pointers while they swung, the girls’ positivity kept spirits high. Communication and teamwork were obviously a strong component as junior short-stop  Katey Devine consistently covered for senior Leah Marrari at second while Marrari kept open for throws from the outfield.

“It’s one of the strengths of this team, we truly do support and encourage each other,” Minik commented. “They really have each other’s backs.”

Despite a couple of time-outs to discuss plays it was a quick game. The innings went fast with Eisenhower being repeatedly sent back to the dugout. Getting a run was difficult with Ropas catching multiple pop-ups to right field and Hannah Giammarco actively covering first base.

When discussing the team’s efforts on and off the field, Minik said, “Everyone is very involved with the team.  The defense has been working hard and we are very pleased with the way they’ve progressed. Their comfort level in tough situations has improved because the girls are totally committed and involved, even in their free time.”

Minik says that he has been working with some of the girls on the team for 5 or more years. “I’ve seen them grow so much, these days we never even have to ask twice to warm up.”

After the game the team came together and gave credit for plays and discussed their win. Celebrating their teammates and giving supportive advice.

“This is a fun team,” Minik said proudly. “The girls make it a lot of fun.”