JFK Assassination Details Declassified


Riley Richards

John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, ride in the backseat of a presidential 1961 Lincoln Continental four door convertible. This is one of the most famous photo of the Kennedy’s, taken moments before the assassination occurred.


JFK Assassination Declassified


Every american knows about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, whether they were alive to witness it, or learned about it in history class. It could be marked as a very important part in American history, being one of the most famous assassinations the U.S. has ever experienced.


Cruising through Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas, Texas, about 3 shots rang out and struck John F. Kennedy at roughly 12:30 pm CST, November 22, 1963. Kennedy was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital only half an hour later.


Lee Harvey Oswald was charged for the assassination of president Kennedy, and for earlier shooting police officer J. D. Tippit. Two days later at 11:21 am CST, Oswald was shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby, and pronounced dead at 1:07 pm CST.


However, most of the information here is still being disputed by conspiracy theorists and other researchers to this day, since they find many ways that eye witness accounts differ from the official Warren Commission report. Although government officials still live by the Warren Commission’s verdict, this year could potentially lead to a change in the information about the assassination of Kennedy.


Whether or not this information is released, it’s all in the hands of our recently elected president, Donald Trump.


No one know what these files contain, but they were considered a threat to national security when they were initially stored away until October of 2017. While conspiracy theorists are hoping to gain “the real truth”, it most likely isn’t going to be quite what they want to hear, but rather have a focus on the government’s involvement with other countries we were attempting to avoid conflict with.


Because of the apparent “potential risk” of releasing these documents, and having either Russia or Cuba gain access to them, many believe president Trump will decide to keep them classified.


This is unfortunate for all the conspiracy theorists out there, however it could be a good thing regarding our safety, since any covert missions and involvement in the cold war could rip open recently healed wounds with Russia and Cuba.


On the other hand, conspiracy theorists and hopeful passersby want to find the ‘truth’ behind what really happened. Whether it be the CIA, FBI, russians, cubans, vice president Lyndon B. Johnson, presidential security guard George Hickey, angry texans, or an anonymous sniper hiding in the grassy knoll, some are certain that the information lies within the classified files.


Regardless of what one is hoping to find inside of the 3,000 some documents that the government admitted to having, not to mention any they might not want to release, there have been many foundations and petitions founded to prevent any further delays or cover-ups of the documents.


Until the actual report is either publicly released or denied in October of 2017, no one will know for sure what the fate of the documents are, or what secrets hide inside. Whether it contains details about the assassination, the ‘true’ assassin, or simply more details about the US’s involvement in the Cold War, it’s sure to draw attention from the public.