Tough Subjects

Tough Subjects

Teagan Gumina

There are many classes offered at New Berlin West. They can range from the core classes taken in middle school all the way to AP classes. Some of these classes can be easy, and others of them can be hard.

To find out what classes were seen as the toughest, students participated in a survey. The first question asked was which classes students found most difficult. 26.1% of the students said their math courses were the hardest.

Megan Larkin wrote about how AP Human Geography and French were her hardest classes. When asked why found those particular courses challenging, she said, “French and language in general moves really fast so it’s hard to keep up. Although, I also like that it works fast because I feel as though I learn more.”

Another student, Kevin Qui wrote down, his hardest classes were AP Literature, AP Biology, Data Structures, and French. “Teacher presence, though some may argue against it, does wonders for the learning process,” he wrote. “Since my French is an independent study, I feel I may not grow as proficient as I may have in years prior.”

Afterwards, the students were asked to write about what they needed in order to be successful in their classes. Answers ranged from school-offered resources – textbooks, flashcards, etc. –  to extra time with their teacher, or even things they could do on their own.

Zachary Day, when asked for solutions, wrote down that his concern had to do with the structure of the desks and what he would like to see.

“A new arrangement of desks, particularly the arrangement in which desks aren’t set into groups of four. Not only does this set weird desk arrangements that make your head turn 180°, but it also makes a habit of one person work while everyone copies. It also makes math class feel more like a social gathering than a place of learning.”

Day also suggested having homework graded again would also be beneficial.

“Not only will it cut down the influx of quizzes that are made but also give homework the usefulness it deserves,” he said.

Other suggestions came from students like Maya Sharafinski, who found AP Human Geography and Geometry as her most difficult courses. She said that having extra time with her teachers would be most beneficial, and that she finds being taught one-on-one makes it easier to focus.

When Larkin was asked what help her succeed the most in her toughest courses, she shared that if she managed her time, she was confident she could do well.

Some students stressed the benefits of studying. Meanwhile, Lauren Moehlenpah, who chose English Honors as her most difficult course, stated that trying harder would be most beneficial for being successful in her hardest classes.

Qui’s suggestion on what could be done to make him most successful in his toughest courses, agreed with Moehlenpah’s statement. Qui explained, “While a teacher presence would be best, it fails to take into account the teacher’s own workload, which is the major restraining factor in this sense.”

“That in mind,” Qui finished, “there is no solution besides hard work.”