A Day In The Life of A School Librarian


Danielle Nudi

Barb Uhen is the librarian at New Berlin West and has been working here for almost ten years.

Uhen enjoys her job, she said, “I like working with students on research projects; working with the teachers to determine how I can best help their students; teaching staff and students how to use new technologies and determining how they might use those technologies in their classes.”

With only working at New Berlin West for these ten years, she’s enjoying the challenges and outcomes of her job.

Working as a librarian, there’s many challenges that come along with the title. “Some days, it depends on the day and what you have on your schedule. I don’t mind these challenges. Also working with teachers with class projects or even students, that can be a challenge.” Uhen said.

She also had said, “Sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day to get it all done.” When it comes to her job, not everything is easy for her, she has many challenges she encounters.

Sometimes, Uhen’s job can be difficult, there’s parts of her job that she finds hard, “The hardest part is, not being able to answer students questions, or when the technology isn’t working. Not finding the research.” Uhen said.

Uhen encourages many to try to learn, and read a book. Some people may think that being a librarian is just being someone who works with books, but Uhen said, “I think that people would be surprised with how much we troubleshoot technology. Or supporting teachers with new apps and things they can use in their class.” Which shows that being a librarian is more than just sitting on the job waiting for students looking for a book.

Throughout being a librarian, Uhen encourages everyone to read. “I will make book recommendations based on what I read. Trying to buy the most recent books”, Uhen said.

“People come to me on a daily basis for help. Teachers may ask for help finding resources to use for their class or ask how to use different apps or technology. I work with teachers and their classes on different projects”, she also had said, “it might be a research paper, creating a video, or teaching about digital citizenship. Students ask for help in finding books to read or for resources for research projects. Students will also ask for help with technology. For example, how to use a certain app on their chromebook or an iPad or how to print.”

Overall, Barb Uhen has been enjoying her job as a librarian. Although she may have started somewhere else as a librarian, then came to West, she has made a lot of progress throughout this career.