Where Are The Best Chicken Nuggets?


Danielle Nudi

There are many known fast food restaurants that have known chicken nuggets. For example, McDonalds is highly known along with Burger King, Wendy’s, Chick-Fil-a, and Sonic. But many can argue what restaurant serves the best.

Chicken nuggets were made back then in the 1950’s by a professor named Robert C. Baker. Ever since then, chicken nuggets have been a big thing on a lot of fast food menus.

It depends on what people look for. The taste, look, smell, and size can really change what a person feels about the fast foods chicken nuggets. At times chicken nuggets can be small, and maybe people like bigger nuggets. Sometimes chicken nuggets can have all these benefits except for the taste. Taste is basically what really matters because people are consuming this food, and if they taste bad, it doesn’t benefit the fast food restaurant or the food. For example, if their chicken nuggets taste like rubber, or doesn’t have a good taste, it won’t benefit the restaurant.

There’s debate on who has the best chicken nuggets, many people have different opinions on who serves the best chicken nuggets. From Burger King chicken nuggets to McDonalds, and others, who has the best chicken nuggets?

Chicken nuggets in general are really based on the taste, so from rating the restaurants that have the best chicken nuggets one to five, it’s kind of hard. Looking at taste, Burger King chicken nuggets aren’t all that great. The shape of them are nice, and even the smell, but the taste just isn’t cutting it.  Usually, the shape of a chicken nugget is like an oval, and its a medium size. The smell shouldn’t smell like burnt cardboard. Lastly the taste, it should taste like a food, not like rubber.

Next, would have to be Wendy’s chicken nuggets. Once again, they smell and look good, but when it comes to taste, they taste like rubber more than anything. Between their spicy and non-spicy chicken nuggets, neither are good.

Third place would be taken by Sonic. Their chicken nuggets are more of tenders, but they still count. Their taste resembles how a typical chicken tender should taste, and their look is very appetizing. But, when it comes to the smell, they don’t smell too great.

McDonald’s is in second place. McDonalds chicken nuggets are very well known, matter of fact, McDonalds itself is very well known. The chicken nuggets from here are very tasty, but, at times you can find pieces of a hard piece of chicken, which isn’t very appetizing. Otherwise, the smell, look, and taste get a good rating.

Now, overall the best fast food restaurant that has chicken nuggets is Chick-Fil-a. Their chicken nuggets have a crispy taste and look. The smell is alright, but it could have a better scent. In general, Chick-Fil-a has great chicken nuggets. Rating chicken nuggets based on taste, look, and smell is pretty difficult because most chicken nuggets are pretty similar.

Overall, chicken nuggets are well known around the world. Rating them from worst to best, one out of five is difficult.

In addition, chicken nuggets are all different. The only thing is, with the smell and taste of the chicken nuggets they are very similar, it’s basically based on your taste buds. Other people probably have different opinions on who has the best chicken nuggets, but everyone has different views and thoughts about certain things.

Chicken nuggets are a funny thing to be talking about, but since they’re so popular, they’re a good subject to address. Chicken nuggets are a worldwide thing, and maybe people want to know how others feel about them.