The ugly truth of beauty


Alyssa Farina

For years we have physically and mentally abused animals just to make ourselves look good. However, this isn’t the only option there are other ways we can test cosmetics without this unnecessary torture. We need to leave animals out of the cosmetic picture for the future.

We shouldn’t be torturing another living being for makeup and tests when there are safer alternatives. There are many other ways that cosmetic testing could occur around the world with the same or near the same results. A large amount of animals are tested on for cosmetic use but the ones that are most often used are mice, rats, and hamsters. Bigger animals such as monkeys and rabbits are also commonly used for the chemical part of the testing. Overall, there are many different outlooks on animal cosmetics around the world, but in the end 100,000-200,000 animals suffer and die just for cosmetic testing every year. Just for humans to look good, animals suffer in discomfort and could eventually die through a horrible process and experience.

There are 5 incredible organizations that are against animal testing, including the ECEAE –  European Coalition to End Animal Experiments. This organization is working hard to help eliminate all animal testing in the European areas and has been the voice for the animals that can’t speak up for over 25 years. Another big organization is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA has made many accomplishments and has made big changes for animal testing around the world. CCIC was a program that spread the word that cosmetics were not animal cruelty-free, and exposed the truth about products and their harm.  CAAT, Center of Alternatives to Animal Testing, is highly involved in the replacement of cruel animal testing. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine promotes a vegan diet and creates alternatives to animal research. They are a part of PETA and big supporters of the end of animal cruelty.

These organizations are all against the brutal and harsh ways of animal testing for cosmetics. Each organization researches and explores different methods for cosmetic testing that could prevent the role of animals.

Right now, millions of animals such as mice, rats, cats, dogs and many others, are all involved in the pain and suffering of cosmetic testing. They are only able to sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them with no hope to be freed.

There are many alternatives that can replace animal cosmetic testing such as a method using “organs on chips”. Chips of human cells can be used to test cosmetic reaction to replace the painful and cruel methods that are used on animals. There is also computer methods that can create human cells that can be tested on. These methods are a lot easier, cost less, and are much more ethical.

There are many testing methods without animals that can be used instead of this. There is no reason the same cruel testing has been performed for years if there are other options that are cheaper, faster and less inhumane. It is time to speak up for the animals that cannot speak for themselves.