Future Cars are in view for Tomorrow


Eduardo Velasquez

The evolution of cars changes drastically to its features and benefits to many people’s needs. If someone has a higher budget and is in need of an expensive car, they may incline to a car from certain companies such as Rolls Royce or Mercedes. If an environmental person wants to use less gasoline, they would want to get an electric car or a hybrid. Big companies like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and etc, are making concept cars that are futuristic to both its looks and features such as self-driving automobile cars or multipurpose cars. These cars are in the making and some may be expected to be released in 2025-2035. Some car concepts include flying cars, hover cars, supercars/hypercars, luxury cars, etc. 

Self-Driving Cars

When people hear the name ‘self-driving cars’, people may tend to think it’s a car from Tesla that can drive by itself and switch between the driver and car. These cars are fully autonomous, cars that can drive by itself without a steering wheel but just an app on a touchpad or a phone that can follow with voice controls. Many cars with these features are either luxuries like the future car of Rolls Royce, the Vision 103EX, which contains luggage compartments with Rolls Royce branded luggage bags, an umbrella compartment with a heating system, red light lighting at the bottom to simulate a red carpet, a white silk couch with pillows as seating, and Eleanor, the car’s virtual assistant/chauffeur. Other self-driving cars are meant as service cars like a taxi to take people without a driver but the car moves on its own or towards someone, with an app, who requested a lift. Self-driving cars are meant to assist people to go wherever they want without the need to drive on their own, meaning no need for a steering wheel to drive and cars that could prevent millions of car accidents around the world.

Flying Cars

Many people dream of taking flight or imagine flying in a car that could hover. However, hover cars are still a concept in development and will cost over one million dollars, but people can buy a flying car, which is a car with a helicopter for $400,000 called the Pal-V Liberty, the world’s first flying car to reach mass production and will start to sell to customers in the next year. The car retracts the propellers and drives like a regular 3-wheeled car. The key to making a flying car is to make the car be able to retract propellers for it to be considered a car while having an engine big enough to power the car and its flight mode. The Aeromobile is still in product production but it is said to be launching in 5 years while the commercials launch this year. The mechanism for hovering is still possible with magnetic electricity like a monorail but it is still a concept of the future. 


New development cars from multiple companies are still creating different unique cars that look out of this world that are supposed to be supercars that could reach speeds over 150mph. Mercedes revealed a supercar, called the AVTR, that is based on the avatar movie that could drive sideways, drive without a steering wheel, and even knows and reach to what emotion the driver is feeling! The Lamborghini Sián is the first-ever Hybrid car from Lamborghini and is their most powerful and fastest Lamborghini ever made; it can accelerate to 62 mph in under 2.8 seconds and has a top speed of 217 mph, Lamborghini says. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport is a supercar that is the first time a production car that broke the 300mph barrier.

Cars are evolving to new heights to satisfy people’s desires to the way they want to travel. Concept cars are becoming a model to what the future would look like years later where people could even sleep while a car drives them to work and worry less about the dangers of the road.

Rolls Royce, the Vision 103EX, which contains luggage compartments, branded luggage bags, an umbrella heating system, red carpet lights, couch as seating, and Eleanor.