Mortal Kombat Was a Flawless Victory


Nolan Egofske

Mortal Kombat is a video game franchise that started back in 1992 and spawned 25 more games along with 2 theatrically released movies, an animated series, and live-action TV shows that weren’t as successful as the games, but this new live-action adaptation was a warm welcome. There was cheesy dialogue but that is expected since it is supposed to be based on a fighter game so it’s more fighting-driven than character-driven. The kills were awesome and definitely showed that they have done their homework. We are also introduced to a new character named Cole Young and I personally didn’t have any hate for his character but it kind of felt like it was a retread of past movies where the hero finds out who he really is. Jax is a character that already existed prior to this movie in the video games and it was pretty cool to see his character back on screen since Mortal Kombat II: Annihilation. 


The general plot of the story is pretty much about a competition that is literally called Mortal Kombat which has fighters from Outworld, a place where only evil characters exist against Earthrealm which is also known as Earth and home of the main heroes. Outworld wants to conquer Earth and in order to do that, they need to win the 10th tournament so it’s up to the champions of Earth to stop them and protect Earth from being taken over.


Many more recurring characters appear in this film and all of the actors did a good job and understood how these characters should be portrayed. I didn’t particularly like how there wasn’t an actual tournament so that was a little bit of a letdown for me but it’s forgivable at the same time due to the awesome fighting choreography. There aren’t really any flaws because the movie did its job and just got straight to the point towards the middle. The plot made more sense than the 1995 film too. I really liked how some of the characters would actually say flawless victory and fatality or Kano wins. It would just give me exciting chills hearing that because it brought back classic memories from the video games.


Some emotional scenes were cut short but the awesome destinations the characters travel to and funny cheesy dialogue make up for it. I get that there is supposed to be a sequel due to how the movie ends so I don’t really have any dislike for the rushed ending because there will most likely be more to come. Liu Kang deserved some more screen time but that’s not really a flaw; I am just a little bit picky. Kano was definitely the funniest character out of the bunch and I loved it especially when he got angry easily. This movie is rated R so it does have foul language and super violent sequences but if that’s fine with audiences then it will be enjoyable. 


Shao Kahn could possibly be the true leader just like the games if that is revealed in the second film. It would be interesting to have Sub Zero as some kind of evil ruler or something since the actor has signed a 4 movie picture deal. Fans of the games should really like this movie but I also think general audiences could like this movie too if they go in open-minded — so “get over here!” and watch Mortal Kombat in theaters or HBO Max.