The next new saga?

Dune has a little to lose and a lot to gain

The next new saga?

Cavan Fuller, Staff Writer

Dune is one of the most intense and interesting movies I have seen in a long time. It’s a visually appealing movie that doesn’t disappoint to give you action. The movie envelopes a new style of action movies that aren’t fully action but have more dramatic and mysterious moments sprinkled throughout. The movie rewards those who pay attention to the details as this was by far the most jam-packed movie I’ve ever seen. Starring the likes of Timothée Chalamet as Paul, Zendaya as Chani, and Stellen Skasgård as Vladamir ‘The Baron’ Harkonnen, this movie’s all-star cast doesn’t disappoint in keeping you at the edge of your seat.

The movie Dune follows the story of the fight for supremacy over the planet Arrakis. The planet, while being one of the most decollete and dangerous places to live in the galaxy, is also the most valuable, as the planet is rich with a resource called spice, which is a hallucinogenic drug that is vital to space travel. This resource makes House Harkonnen, the original House in charge of the farming, rich beyond their wildest dreams, despite attacks from the native Fremen and the giant sandworms that roam the planet. 

The plot follows the transition of power on the planet, from the eyes of Paul Atreides, the son to the Duke of House Atreides. When the Emperor announces that House Atreides is to take over the running of the planet from House Harkonnen, Paul’s father, Duke Leto Atreides is skeptical of the reasoning but reluctantly agrees in fear of a trap. We soon discover that Paul is having visions of the planet and its native people, the Fremen. His visions also show future destruction and pain that seem to be in the future of the planet. The movie continues to follow Paul’s introduction to the planet and the dramatic turn of events that follow.

While this movie was a very visually appealing movie to watch, it seemed difficult to keep up with at times. While I had background knowledge on the movie, people I went with, who didn’t, seemed to have a harder time sticking with the entire plotline. This movie, which is also known as Dune Part 1, has so much detail in it that at some moments it was difficult to figure out what was happening until later in the film. 

While I personally enjoyed this movie there is one thing about this movie that would make this one even better – a sequel. The movie lays down the framework for another battle to commence soon and should be an amazing spectacle to watch. The movie keeps building and building the story arc without it ever really leveling out and really completing. The movie has to have a sequel and the moment it comes out, it will become immensely better. 

While I personally loved this movie, it is not meant for a casual audience. This is meant for fans to get invested in. This movie will make you want more and will have you tracking the progress of the next film. I recommend this movie for anyone interested in a sci-fi adventure like no other.