A Happily Ever After Homecoming (2022)


Olivia Brecklin, Cavan Fuller , Co-editors in Chief


Homecoming week is just around the corner and there are plenty of activities each day of this exciting week to choose from. And with the dress up day raffles back in full swing, school spirit should be out of this world!  

Activities are kicked off on Sunday night with a drive-in movie. Gather a group of friends, some blankets and snacks and head to the fieldhouse parking lot at 7:00pm to catch the movie 10 Things I hate About you. “We went last year and it was so fun just to sit there and talk to friends about the movie,” Senior Josie Senger stated. 

Next it’s time to prepare for Monday and the Safari theme that comes along with it. Make sure after school to grab a group of two to six friends and go to Journalism’s trivia night at 7 PM hosted in the library! 50/50 raffle tickets, a bake sale and more are offered on this night! It’s $5.00 per person to enter. 

This year’s theme for Tuesday is Nursey vs Nursing home. Dress up like the age of 1 or the age of 100. During flex, there will be a pie-eating contest held in the front lobby of the school. As well as the pie eating contest, both middle and high school students have the option to buy lunch from a food truck of choice! The food trucks available will be Tot’s on the Street, Streetza Pizza, Troublemakers Cocina, Mr. P’s Grilled Cheese, and Firewise BBQ. Menus and pricing will be available online, so make sure to double-check that before Tuesday! Lines are tremendously long, so make sure to grab a spot! Just as a reminder, school lunch will also be available as per usual on this day. 

After this jam-packed day, we’ll head into Wednesday which will be headlined by class color day and powder puff with a bonfire, starting at 6 pm on the football field. Support each high school grade level while trying to tackle through the competition and come out as the best grade. There will also be a relay race during flex. 

Thursday is wear orange for Norah day to support fellow student Norah Watry for leukemia awareness. During flex, there will be a salsa-making competition held by El Sol. Enter a delicious homemade salsa recipe to win the grand prize of $50, and participants may sample the entries and vote for a favorite for $1. At 8 pm, middle schoolers can get excited to participate in the Flashlight Candy Hunt. Bring a flashlight and a bag to the football field to hunt down as many pieces of candy as possible. 

Friday is one of the most exciting days of this week! Dress up in Blue and Gold Vikings Pride to celebrate the final day of the week before Homecoming ends. The school schedule will be shortened accordingly for the Pep Rally at 1:30 in the fieldhouse. Later that evening is the LAST home Varsity Football game of the season, which is against Pewaukee. Make sure to show up decked in blue and gold to support the football team!

After a week full of themes and activities, the Fairytale theme dance is set in stone for Saturday at 7:00 pm. Guests are allowed to start lining up at 6:45 pm to enter! Seniors Cheyenne Betchel and Nina Tomaw are most excited for the dance since “we’re able to dress up and have fun with friends!”

Tickets are already on sale for $25 per person and they are available on the webstore until September 28th. Just as a reminder, if students are planning on inviting a guest that does not regularly attend New Berlin West, the guest dance slips are located in the office or online. The slips are due back on September 28th. 

Hope to see you there and happy hoco week!