Superbowl Sunday is always an exciting day. Some watch it to see their favorite team compete, and some watch it for the always entertaining commercials. If you are watching it for the commercials you still get glimpses of the game. Many said that the New England Patriots “cheated” their way to the Superbowl, against Seattle Seahawks with favored quarter back, Russell Wilson. This Superbowl XLIX is one that is sure not to be forgotten by Seahawk or Patriot fans.

Mentioned before the game multiple times was the accusation of the New England Patriots deflating the footballs to help them get to the Superbowl. Not only would it help both teams but the Colts accused them after losing the game badly. If the Colts had won it would be a different story. Watching the game the Colts did not have a chance balls deflated or not.

Patriots started off the game by winning the coin toss but deferring it to the Seahawks so they could start the second half with the ball. The first quarter had Seahawk fans on their feet when Brady threw an interception to Jeremy Lane in the last two minutes. However Lane got a broken wrist on that play and was done for that game. Ending the first quarter disappointing to both teams the score was 0-0.

During the second quarter Patriots with the ball, Brady passed to open WR Brandon LaFell for the first touchdown in the game. Soon after Wilson threw for a touchdown tying up the game 7-7. The first half looked to end with no one in the lead until the last 30 seconds Brady with a pass to Gronkowski for the second touchdown in the game. Looking like that was the first half after receiving Wilson ran the ball for a first down with just 16 seconds to go. Wilson with a pass to Lockette with another first down with just second to before the end of the first half with penalty tacked on they move down to the 11 yard line to go for the touchdown. Wilson to Matthews to tie up the game 14-14 in the first half!

Patriots receiving the ball in the 3rd quarter on their 26 Brady threw an interception to Wagner with a gain of a few yards. Wilson with a pass and a touchdown for the Seahawks ending the 3rd quarter with the Seahawks scoring a touchdown and a field goal.

Coming back in the fourth quarter Brady made a pass to Amendola for a touchdown. With a score of 21-24 Brady made a pass to Gronkowski for a first down. Then Brady again with a pass to Edelman for the second touchdown of the fourth quarter putting Patriots in the lead. With just minutes to go Wilson threw to Kearse bouncing out of his hands then off his legs back into his arms he got up with a complete pass putting the Seahawks just yards from the end zone. A play that had Seahawk fans on their feet yelling in excitement! In a play that should have ended with Wilson handing it off they decide to go for a pass that is picked off by rookie M. Butler! With 20 seconds left in the game Patriot fans were out of their seats cheering and screaming because their rookie saved them in the Superbowl! Brady with his fourth ring leaving Patriot fans in joy but leaving Seahawk fans stumped and wondering why their team would throw the ball.