NCAA tournament preview

With the 2015 NCAA tournament approaching and Championship Week (conference championship games) upon us, here is a preview to what the tournament field will look like when it is announced next Sunday, March 15. The number one seeds are already set. They are the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats, Virginia, Duke, and Villanova. That most likely won’t change unless Virginia loses in the first round of the ACC tournament or Villanova loses in the first round of the Big East tournament.

The number twos seeds as of right now are Wisconsin, Kansas, Arizona, and Gonzaga. Wisconsin is on the verge and has hopes for a number one seed in the tournament but will need to win the Big Ten tournament to get there and have either Virginia or Villanova lose in the first round of their conference tournaments. Kansas, Arizona, and Gonzaga really have no shot in getting that number one seed when the tournament field is announced.

Some of the surprises of the college basketball season is the success of teams that weren’t ranked in the preseason. Notre Dame, who has a number three seed in this year’s tournament, and Northern Iowa, who won the Missouri Valley conference. They have a four seed in the tournament.

Some teams that had shockingly no success this season and will most likely not be making the tournament barring a huge upset in their conference tournaments or a postseason ban. Those teams are Michigan, Syracuse, the defending National Champion Connecticut Huskies, and the Florida Gators, who made it to the Final Four last season.

Some bubble teams that are hoping to get the chance to play in this year’s tournament are Texas, Tulsa, Indiana, Purdue, and BYU. Texas started off the season very well and was ranked in the top five at one point during the year but has fallen off since then. Indiana has done almost the exact same thing. They weren’t quite in the top five like Texas but they were doing very well until they hit a rough patch in their schedule and have struggled ever since. BYU is coming off a huge victory at the then number two ranked Gonzaga and are hoping that they will be able to get into the tournament based on a huge win at a top two ranked team.

Some sleeper picks might be able to shock the world and make it to Indianapolis for the Final Four and eventually bust up some brackets. BYU already beat Gonzaga, the number two team in the country on the road. North Carolina kind of struggled since starting the season 17-4 but they could bring it together and possibly make a run. They’ve also played pretty well in big games this season whether they won or lost those games. SMU got snubbed from a bid for the tournament last year, so they will be motivated to show everybody something. They have been playing pretty well towards the end of the year. Butler, who has beat three ranked teams on the road this season and is 5-2 against ranked opponents this season. Also, their strength of schedule is ranked 9th in the country.

One last team that many people won’t think is Michigan State. They are usually there in the end, even though they have struggled this year. They might be able to make a run, but they will most likely have to go through Arizona who is in their bracket.

To close it out, everybody knows that the favorite to win the National Championship is Kentucky. They are 31-0, the first team in 39 seasons to go undefeated in the regular season. But you never know, its March, and things get crazy around this time of the year.