Melodic stress relief aids youth


Payton Pruitt

Music has been around for thousands of years and has changed every day. From pop, to country, to metal, everyone has a favorite type of music. Every person can relate to the music they listen to, as there is usually a connection within the lyrics.

Music in the modern world is all about expression and being yourself. The connections people can make with music are important in self-expression and being confident. According to a 2009 Article on The Impact of Music by AAP News, “Some studies have reported that adolescents use popular music to deal with loneliness and to take control of their emotional status or mood.”

Now, in the world, music is everywhere. At school, at the mall, in an elevator. Music is always playing and will always affect your mood. Junior Aidan Hinsenkamp, who enjoys listening to Experimental music, says that the band Swans is his favorite.

“They make me feel emotions I didn’t know I had,” said Hinsenkamp.

Another junior, Mallory Kieliszewski, shares that K-Pop “gets rid of stress….and it helps [her] think.”

Along with these two, many other students feel that music helps to relieve stress. From interviews, 75% of answers had to do with stress and thought processes.

Freshman William Dettlaff claims, “Whenever I’m stressed I listen to [Adele] because she helps me relieve stress.”

The majority of the school seems to enjoy Alternative music the most over any other genre. Although this is the case, interviews within the school revealed that there are many different musical interests throughout the student body and staff. Nicole Pollack, one of the school’s art teachers, revealed that she also enjoys Alternative when she listens to music.

“I feel like it had more of an impact when I was in college, I felt like part of my identity was based off of what I listened to. I listen a lot more during class now, not as much at home.”

The reasons behind these favorite musicians and bands, much like Ms. Pollack’s, can all be linked back to The Impact of Music, as referenced earlier. Many of the students interviewed said that they listen to music to reduce stress and deal with emotions. Without music, there may not be a coping mechanism for youth. Music within the adolescent age is extremely diverse and important to growing and learning. As senior Jake Anderson said, “[Music] distracts me when I need it most.”