Beauty and the Beast: A tale retold


Payton Pruitt

Spoilers below


26 years after the animated tale of a beautiful young girl and a cursed prince-turned-beast was released, the story has been retold, this time with real people. The story of Beauty and the Beast is one that is held near to some people’s hearts, having grown up with the movie.


Thursday, March 16th, the renewed story of Belle and the Beast was revealed in a special fan event at the Marcus Majestic in Brookfield, where the movie-goers received an exclusive poster, and had the opportunity to view the film in 3D. That night, the movie had three separate showtimes, all of which were close to sold out.


Just like every Disney film, the opening with the castle excited the crowds, and as the lights dimmed, the theater was filled with whispers and hushing. In this particular movie, the castle morphed into that of the Beast’s own home, with the foreground holding thick twists of rosebushes and thorns. The music turned dark quickly, an ominous tone almost representing a roar.


The reveal of Belle (played by Emma Watson), was much anticipated. As the song titled “Belle” played through, fans could admire the work put into the small village, the smallest details making it feel more authentic. As Belle made her way through the town, hushed singing could be heard from the audience.


As the film progressed, it seemed to me that the director (Bill Condon) had tried their best to make the movie as close to the original as possible. The only large differences that I noticed were the songs added in. One of the major songs that was most noticeable to the whole audience, was the new ballad titled “Evermore”, given to the Beast. The song is sung as Belle leaves the castle, with Beast watching from his window with the knowledge that letting her go means the curse will never be broken.


Another change that may have been noticeable to some, was that Belle was more outward with her knowledge. In the opening, she tries to teach a young girl how to read, while using a makeshift washing machine she had invented.


I felt that overall, the entire movie was worthwhile and long awaited. In this live action version, the Beast felt so much more real, and the audience got to see the side of him that the original animated version didn’t allow.

The movie itself followed the plot and events of the original, with its own twists thrown in here and there. With new songs, some new scenes explaining the backstory of characters, and amazing actors, the 1991 Disney animated film Beauty and the Beast was brought to life in this live action version. This movie is definitely worth the wait, and I encourage everyone to see it.