Justice League Review


This image displays the five prominent members of the Justice League shown in the movie. From left to right is Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Batman, Aquaman, and Flash.

Joey Radish

The Man of Steel, Batman V. Superman, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman are the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) movies that have been leading up to Justice League.  Sadly some of these movies had negative reviews.

For example, Suicide Squad scored a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.2/10 on IMDb.  Batman V. Superman scored a 27% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.6/10 on IMDb.  Just because the reviews are negative does not mean moviegoers and fans of the DC Extended Universe did not enjoy the movies. The same goes for Justice League, scoring a 37% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.6/10 on IMDb.  

These reviews do not mean the movie did not have a good plot, music, jokes, lines, action scenes, and other good things found in a good action movie. If you planned on seeing Justice League and decided not to go due to the reviews, still go, the reviews are just another person’s opinion.  

The best part of Justice League was the interaction between the characters. The Justice League is made up of well-known superheroes, and the way they communicate and behave in front of the audience greatly affected the movie.

Batman, played by Ben Affleck, is more comical and friendly in Justice League than he was in Batman v. Superman.  He makes some witty jokes at good and inopportune times. For example, in the trailer, he was joking around with Aquaman about how Aquaman brought a pitchfork to the final fight.

There are many moments like this among the characters that make the movie very enjoyable to watch and few that make it awkward. Batman also provides the best action sequences in the movie. The first scene involving Batman is by far the best with him. He is prowling in Gotham chasing down a criminal, just like he did in the classic Batman movies.  

Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot is funny, wise, and strong. She is in a way, the moral compass of the Justice League in this movie, guiding their decisions. Without Wonder Woman the Justice League is just a team of guys beating up villains. Wonder Woman adds an extra spark to the movie because her background is known due to her debut in Batman v. Superman and Wonder Woman.

Batman is also a leader because he and Wonder Woman established the Justice League together. Batman got Flash and Aquaman to join and Wonder Woman got Cyborg to join. The disagreements that occur between Batman and Wonder Woman are a nice break up of the usual perfect interactions between characters in other superhero movies. When Batman and Wonder Woman does argue they do it well, but the argument is never brought up later in the movie, it is just forgotten about. Wonder Woman is seen as the most compassionate and at times the most aggressive member of the Justice League and the movie does a great job in showing all her different traits.

Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg are the newest members of Justice League. They were introduced in the first twenty minutes of the movie, which was too quick. There wasn’t enough background information to make each of these characters stand out. For example, Cyborg said he got into an accident that occurred during Batman v. Superman, that caused him to be part robot, but he never goes in depth on what happened.

This mystery in the characters backgrounds makes the movie unorganized and at times confusing. The actors do a great job portraying the characters though, which makes up for the confusing background stories on the characters. Flash played by Ezra Miller is one, if not the funniest member of the team. Flash offers most of the comic relief during the movie, and when he has to be, he is also serious.  

Aquaman played by Jason Momoa is surprisingly terrific. He is the muscle of the League and has some great serious and comical moments of his own.  Yet his moments do not surmount to being as good as Flash’s comical performance.

Cyborg played by Ray Fisher is great as Cyborg.  Cyborg (Fisher) was perfect, acting as a scared person, not wanting anyone to see the monster that he thinks he is. The overall downfall of these characters is that some of the jokes do not stick and the background information for the characters is lacking depth.

The villain, Steppenwolf was a satisfactory villain. He served the purpose of uniting the Justice League, but he didn’t really provide a formidable threat. His backstory and evil agenda were confusing and hard to follow.  He did look pretty terrifying, to say the least. With a giant ax and long horns, he looked like Satan himself. His screen time came to about 15 to 25 minutes, so it wasn’t the end of the movie for most people if he wasn’t everyone’s favorite villain.

The CGI  (computer-generated imagery – special effects) for the movie was good, but not perfect. When Cyborg came on screen for the first time you could tell that he was covered in special effects. Yet he still looked like a real robot.  The special effects are not the best, but they get the job done. The other moments with CGI such as when Flash slows down time looks like an actual speedster running about. Moments like this make the movie perfect, Flash does not overuse his powers and he uses them for comedic instances too. The CGI and special effects are the same in the other DCEU movies.

The soundtrack and music used are amazing with most of the songs being composed by Danny Elfman. These songs make every moment in the movie stand out from the others. From the action scenes to the drama scenes, the music helps make Justice League it what it is.  Personally, one of the best songs is “Come Together”, by Gary Clark Jr.  This song is the one used in the trailer and in the movie.  It has powerful meaning that relates so well to the League because they are coming together for the first time in this film. Every song in this movie has its place and makes the movie so much more pleasing to watch.

Justice League was such a great movie, is one of the greatest ever produced from the DCEU film line.  I would give this movie an 8/10 or 80%. I recommend this movie to anyone who is looking to watch an enjoyable action, sci-fi movie. As Cyborg would say, “Bo-ya.”