Broadcasting Club


Gabrielle Bennet

“Join broadcasting! It’s really chill and everyone’s great,” states Trina Farrey, a co-leader of New Berlin West’s broadcasting club. Farrey leads the new club along with Kayla Kugel. Broadcasting club is new to NBW this year.

Farrey and Kugel are the founders and leaders of this club. “This year we just started it, but before we had done other things with broadcasting. Now we’re making it more of an official club and we’ve got more people to come into it,” Farrey says.

Broadcasting club experiments with many different kinds of broadcasting forms, usually to inform the public. These videos can be live, such as podcasts and streaming. They also make more informational videos such as interviews and news reports.

“If anyone wants to join too, they can whenever they want,” adds Farrey.

Broadcasting club is open to anybody who wants to join, anytime. The club meets in Mrs. Upton’s room during flex occasionally.

“We’ll be doing teacher interviews, streaming basketball games. We’re going to try to do that and just any way to talk to the school. We all just like to have fun.” Farrey says. Broadcasting club experiments with a variety of types of broadcasting. They also make comedic fake news broadcasts.

“It depends how you see it,” says Farrey. “It can be easy, but we’re all just trying to have fun with it. It’s not trying to be a difficult task because we just want people to enjoy what they’re doing.”

According to Farrey, broadcasting club isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Kugel adds, “We just want them to be creative with what they’re doing and feel like they can decide more.”

New Berlin West should be expecting a larger presence of broadcasting club soon during school.

“Right now we’re starting a news video, so you’ll be seeing that during your C Periods,” says Farrey. “You’ll just see daily announcements, like you get in the emails, but we’ll be telling them to you in a video format. We’ll also be doing things like sports and anything that has to do with the school. It’ll be exciting.”