Fashion, how it affects our world


Ileana Ensslin

The fashion world has truly taken over. One way for people to express ourselves is through what they wear. Usually, people wear things that show their personality. For example, an athlete might wear more athletic clothes because they are into sports.

We don’t always wear things that express our personalities. Sometimes we wear clothing that our idols might wear. Just like we get inspiration from celebrities and designers, designers get inspiration from current events. For example; nature, people, what they like, and what they have seen. They can get inspiration from anywhere.

What we wear can affect our personalities. For example, if a person at school is to wear something against the dress code, students will judge them for who they are by what they wear. This can affect the person’s social life and status.

This also happens in the workforce. Workers that wear uniforms like policemen, firefighters, and doctors wear those uniforms to help them in their jobs. If someone were to walk down the street and see a man in a police uniform, they would know what kind of job he had, and that is important because police officers protect us.

Some schools have uniforms for students to wear. Usually, private schools require a uniform of the schools choice. The reason why schools want uniforms is because they feel like everyone would fit in. Another reason is it is easier to control bullying when everyone is wearing the same thing, and the final reason is to promote the school by putting the school logo on the uniform so when the student leaves school it shows which school they attend.

Fashion can affect us mentally as well. If someone wore something they felt comfortable and confident in, it could boost their self esteem. Having high self- esteem impacts our life by how we represent ourselves in certain situations. For instance, if a student gives a speech in front of the whole school wearing something presentable or professional, that makes the student feel more confident because they are dressed appropriately for the occasion.

In other circumstances, being underdressed in certain occasions can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. If a student went to school in sweatshirts and sweatpants and they gave a presentation, they wouldn’t feel as confident and could come across as unprofessional to the audience. This would be the most important part because the way people judge you can affect your self- esteem.

Fashion has also taken over social-media. Instagram models wear small brand names and they get paid just to take a picture of them.This can change the modeling industry. It can affect the number of jobs in the modeling world.

Models can change our perspective of the way we see ourselves. If we see a model we may compare ourselves to them, and this can affect the world because it can set the standards of “beauty’.

Overall, fashion affects the way we present ourselves and our self-esteem. It can also affect students in school, work, and during social events.