Top 7 Gifts To Give For Valentine’s Day


Lauryn Lieske

Valentine’s Day is approaching soon, and you may not know what gifts to buy for your loved ones. Whether you are buying a gift for your friends, family, or significant other, these gift ideas can help you find the perfect gift for your special someone. Nevertheless, Valentine’s Day is about appreciating those you love, so any gift you buy will be enjoyed because it’s the thought that counts.


  1. Write a handwritten letter to your loved one

With emailing and texting nowadays, less and less people are taking the time out of their day to write out a letter with pen and paper. Writing a letter to your loved one is the one of the best ways to remind them how grateful and how much you love having them in your life. A handwritten letter will not only surprise whoever you are writing your letter to, but also make that letter more meaningful because it is heartfelt and portrays true human emotions. This sentimental gift is something that your loved one will cherish and keep forever.


  1. Assorted chocolates

Buying a box of chocolate is a popular gift many people purchase for a loved one on Valentine’s Day. A lot of people love food, especially food that is sweet, like chocolate. It is also commonly said that food is the way to the heart. According to The Fact Site, giving chocolate as a gift on Valentine’s Day also “has a huge psychological and emotional effect on people. It can show a sincere apology, express delight and happiness, reflect love, rekindle friendships, and uplift morale.”


  1.  Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals like teddy bears or other heart shaped animals are also a very popular gift to give on Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, giving a stuffed animal to a loved one for Valentine’s Day will never fail to make them smile. Stuffed animals are not only fluffy and soft, but they also leave a long term reminder. According to Aurora, buying a special someone a stuffed animal “can often serve as a reminder and symbol of greater and more intangible things that make us smile.” They can bring back heartfelt memories from your childhood, Valentine’s Day dates, and other past relationships.

  1. Flowers

Although they are very overpriced on Valentine’s Day, buying flowers for a loved one can make their eyes light up and swoon with delight. According to ProFlowers, people buy flowers on Valentine’s Day “to express sentiments of love and admiration.” Flower bouquets are not only beautiful to look at, but they also light up the room and make it smell fresher.


  1. Gift cards

Getting a loved one a gift card is the perfect present to give if you are unsure of what to get them. The best gifts are gifts that can be used, so take interest in what stores or restaurants your special someone likes to shop or eat at. This will not only give your loved one the choice to buy what they want, but also show that you take interest in the stores and restaurants they shop and eat at.


  1. An activity that you and your loved one can do together

Doing an activity where you can spend time with your loved one such as going to concerts, seeing movies, going to plays or musicals, or any other hobbies is an optimal Valentine’s Day gift. This way, you and your loved one can do something enjoyable with one another while also doing something that interests you both. By doing an activity that you and your loved one can both do together shows that you enjoy spending quality time with them and that you enjoy their company.


  1. Something that means something to your loved one

Take interest in the things that your loved one likes. You can always get them items they want, but you can also get them something they never thought they needed or wanted, too. Try to find out what stores your special someone likes to shop at, what they do during their free time, and what things they buy when they have extra money to spare. Buying something that interests your loved one will impress them and make them feel important to you, but make sure it also says how you feel. Whether you are getting a Valentine’s Day gift for a friend, family member, or significant other, make sure that the gift you get for them corresponds with your feelings toward them. If you have been dating someone for a while, get them a present that says “I really like you and I really care about you” or if you are purchasing a gift for a family member, get them something that says “thank you for all the things you do for me and I appreciate having you in my life.”