Super Bowl Commercial Review 2018


Nicky White-Palkowski

Even if you don’t care for the super bowl, many still watch for the commercials. Super Bowl Commercials are one thing we take away from each Super Bowl, whether they are iconic, funny, or even sad.

From the E-Trade commercial with the talking baby in 2008, and all the way back to 1984 to what many call the most iconic super bowl commercial ever: the Apple macintosh computer commercial.

You also look at the budweiser puppy commercial, because who doesn’t remember the bond between the puppy and the horse?  Even going back to 1980 with the Mean Joe Greene Coca Cola commercial, arguably the first iconic commercial.

There have been so many great commercials during the super bowl and hopefully, this year there are many more to come.

There were a few trailers for movies that I thought I’d point out, like the first commercial on which was the new trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This trailer brought plenty of excitement to Jurassic fans. I’m not a huge fan of them, but the trailer got me excited for it. The new movie stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Ted Levine. When the island’s vacant volcano begins to rumble again, Owen and Claire start a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs. I believe the movie will be a good one.

Another big trailer shown was for Solo: A Star Wars Story. This got the whole Star Wars fan base excited, as it is the next look at the next big film. The movie will revolve around young Han Solo as he meets his future copilot Chewbacca and meets Lando Calrissian along the way. This commercial really got me excited for the film.

The next trailer I enjoyed was another big one, but this time for marvel fans. The trailer for Infinity War truly gets the fans ready for the brawl of the century. This film should be a good one.

Lastly was Dwayne Johnson’s next movie called Skyscraper. It brought exhilaration as the former FBI agent tries to save his family from the blazing building. The film looks crazy and awesome.

Now we’ll get into the actual commercials for products.

The first one I laughed at was the M&M’s human commercial. It shows the red and brown M&M’s walking down the street and the red one picks up a penny. He claimed he was lucky so he wished he would become a human. Next thing you know, he turns into Danny Devito. He goes around asking if people would eat him which I thought was quite hilarious, then he walks into the middle of the street and gets hit by a car. If you hadn’t laughed yet, you likely laughed there. It was a great commercial.

Another commercial I should mention is the Doritos vs Mountain Dew mix up. Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman were in a lip syncing battle, which was kind of funny.

Although, the funnier one to me was the commercial with Eli Manning and Odell Beckham dancing together. It shows the Giants team at practice and Odell and Eli take a little extra time to practice something else. They dance together, as well as the Offensive line. Eli Manning lifts Odell in the sky to cap it off.


The next one, which was very creative, was by Amazon; this was the commercial in which Alexa lost her voice. It features Gordon Ramsay, Rebel Wilson, Cardi B and Sir Anthony Hopkins taking over the voice of the iconic Alexa for the Amazon Echo. Each person brings their unique character to Alexa, making it funny, and the 15 million Amazon spent on the commercial was well worth it.

The last one that I thought was good featured Peyton Manning going to Disneyland. Peyton brought up some funny references to football and made the football fans laugh.

Now I’ll talk about a few commercials I didn’t like so much. There was a T-Mobile commercial where it showed a bunch of babies and talked about equality while showing babies of different descent. In the end it showed the T-Mobile logo and said switch to us or something similar. The equality thing didn’t make sense to me because a phone company shouldn’t be focused on that.  

Another one, which made many other people upset about, was the Ram commercial with the Martin Luther King Jr. speech in the background. The New Yorker has an article about the commercial with MLK Jr’s sermon and it shares multiple tweets with opinions on the commercial.

@itsthereal on twitter tweeted “Not sure if MLK’s dream was to drive a dodge ram.” Also @johnlovett said on twitter “If you don’t like MLK in a car commercial you are going to hate the new Doritos flavor Gandhi is pushing.” As you can see twitter users were not fond of this commercial.

Overall, the commercials weren’t the best this year, and there have been better years. Although, there were some good commercials. My top three favorite super bowl commercials would have to be Alexa lost her voice, M&M’s human commercial, and the Solo trailer. If I were to give an honorable mention, it would be to Peyton Manning in Disneyland.