A Movie That Will Be Remembered for Infinity


Connor McKenzie

Ten years. It’s hard to believe it’s been a whopping ten years since the original release of Iron Man in 2008. Since the original Iron Man, Marvel has released 17 more movies and then the moment all superhero fans were waiting for. This month they released Avengers: Infinity War and it changed the game. Actually, it changed the universe for superhero movies. The movie felt like a rollercoaster of emotions as it took viewers from being so excited and  nearly jumping out of their seats to almost making some cry. This is all thanks to directors Anthony Russo and Joe Russo. They turned what could have been just 1 more movie in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) into a work of art worthy of being in a museum. All viewers alike can see how much thought the directors put into the plot, characters, acting, timing, sound, and the visuals.

Film critics agree that the plot is one of the most important elements because the script is how the actors tell the story. This is vital to any movie because that is what makes a movie. A director can design a film with the most realistic special effects and CGI (Computer Generated Images) but if there is no story to be told then there is no movie. With that said, Infinity War has made the days of superhero movies that are oversaturated with action and that have no real plot a distant memory. In Avengers: Infinity War, almost all of the superheros we have met in the past 18 movies team up to fight Thanos who is trying to find all of the Infinity Stones to complete the infinity Gauntlet.

One thing that Marvel does better than many other film studios though, is litter their movies with tons of pop culture references. There was even one part in the movie where Star Lord and Spiderman were fighting over what is the best movie of all time. It’s cool to watch how the directors merged all of the movie’s characters together so perfectly even including the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Speaking of the characters Avengers: Infinity War had a large cast as to be expected when you have characters from 18 other movies. It’s awesome to see all of your favourite superhero actors fighting next to each other like Tom Holland as Spiderman, Chris Pratt as Star Lord, Chris Evans as Captain America, Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, and so many more!

Not only was there just a large cast but awesome acting that went with it. The actors showed their emotions so well that they were contagious. Some of the more important talking scenes were just as riveting as the large scale war scenes. There are not many movies where just miles of enemies just run to the protagonists just to be sliced up. Not to mention it’s a Marvel Movie so you had all of the epic super powers. It was invigorating watching Black Panther and Captain America leap into a horde of enemies and rip and tear them apart with ease.

The timing in this movie was impeccable. The directors perfectly transitioned the pace of the movie so perfectly. They had all of the talking scenes, the battle scenes, the full on war scenes, and the scenes where one superhero would have to find another superhero woven together like a quilt.

These scenes would not have the same impact though that they do without the music that was composed by Alan Silvestri. His music always pumps fans up for scenes with such beautiful works of art. Though he is not the only one that led to the sound of the movie. One group of people that is most often looked over is the sound effects crew. They made every space gun shot and plasma beam feel so real. So together the two helped shape this epic movie’s sound.

On the other hand superpowers can’t just sound real they have to look real. Doctor Strange’s Spells looked arcane as usual and the Wakandan technology was epic as well. They also made space look so real and the planets looked so beautiful. Also the explosions were awesome like all explosions are!

All in all Avengers: Infinity War was one of if not the best Marvel movie of all time. Even new fans who haven’t watched all of the other superhero movies before this I would recommend watching this movie, as they fill you in on the plot details that you need to know. However if you are a big time Marvel fan than it is in my opinion mandatory for you to see this movie at least twice. There were times in the past 10 years when I did not know how they were going to weave all of the movies together but they did it and I would not wanted them to do it any other way. This movie will be remembered for years, decades, and even into Infinity.