March Madness is here

Makenna Berens

March Madness is Here

March is finally here, which means a lot of college basketball is about to come your way. With the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament about to start, there are going to be a lot of entertaining games to watch. Thursday March 21 kicks off the start of the tournament. Competition this year is very difficult with four very talented one seeded teams and so many other teams just as talented. The national title is what a college basketball team works all season for. In order to win this year each team is going to have to give it their all.

A team to definitely watch for is Duke as they have a very talented team with players such as Zion Williamson, Tray Jones, and RJ Barrett. They face North Dakota State as their opponents in round one. Duke is favored to win against the 16 seed. If they win Round one Duke will advance to play either VCU or UCF. Although Duke is a young team they have the ability to go very far in this tournament or even take home the title of NCAA champions. Duke is just one team out of many that can win this tournament. Other serious contenders for the championship are Gonzaga, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Michigan state.

The first two days of the tournament set up what will happen for many of the teams going forward. Louisville and Minnesota is gonna be a very good game to watch. Both teams are very talented and close in skill with each other. Games such as Marquette VS. Murray State and Wisconsin VS. Oregon also are going to  be games to consider watching as they are 5 seeds against 12 seeds which leaves a big chance for an upset in both games.

Gonzaga, North Carolina, and Virgina should most likely win their first games on Thursday the 21 or Friday the 22. Although they are favored to win by a significant amount doesn’t always mean they will. Every game of this tournament are games worth watching. Each team has a lot of skill. Game that are especially good to watch are with teams of close seeding. Such as Syracuse a 8 seed VS. Baylor a 9 seed. VCU VS. UCF will be a close battle as either team as an equal shot to win this game. Another nail biting game is gonna be Iowa State VS. Ohio State. Iowa State has the better seeding, but it will be a close one as Ohio State has shown over the course of the season that they are very talented. As the tournament goes on the games get even more competitive and fun to watch.

Nobody is sure who is going to win which is part of the fun in March Madness. So many people are filling out their brackets and entering pools to make some money. It gives people a great chance to get together with family and friends and watch some competitive basketball. Their are so many teams to choose from and nobody has ever had a perfect one. Anything is possible in this tournament. Last year one seed Virginia lost to 16 seed UNBC in one of the greatest upsets in NCAA men’s college basketball history. This just goes to show any team in this tournament has the ability to go far.