Gift-Giving on A Budget


Olivia Yokofich

Do you ever stress about gift ideas? Can you not decide on what to give someone? Or do you not want to spend all of your paycheck on one gift? Whether you are giving a gift for a birthday, a holiday, a special occasion, or just to be nice, it can be hard to decide what to get someone. It can be even harder to figure out how not to break your bank while shopping for gifts. But not all good gifts have to be super expensive. Some of the best gifts are super affordable and easy to accomplish, meaning they aren’t hard and stressful to do. 

Gifts can be anything from a simple handwritten letter to something huge and spectacular. Depending on the person you are shopping for you can decide whether to get them a heartfelt gift or more materialistic items. You can get crafty and make something like soap, lotion, or a scrapbook. If you aren’t very crafty you can buy from stores like the Dollar Tree, or Five Below. Those stores offer cool, cheap items that are perfect for bundle gifts. 

Before you start, you need to decide how much you want to spend and what kind of gift you want to give. The person you are giving the gift to is highly dependent on what kind of gift you give. If you don’t really know the person too well, just look at their interests or ask around. There are also general gifts that girls love like care kits, face masks, or fuzzy socks. For the boys, you can get sports-related gifts, shower kits, cologne, and much more. A really easy way to finish gifts is by making a bundle gift. That can include getting them a bunch of little things and then putting it all together in a box or basket to create multiple little gifts. 

If you don’t want to do a bunch of little gifts that create one big gift, you can also buy super affordable bigger gifts from your local Walmart or Target. Those gifts can include blankets or board games/card games like UNO, Apples to Apples or Clue, just to name a few. 

When it comes down to it, the person will enjoy the gift either way. It is a thoughtful way to show the person you care, whether it be a fuzzy blanket or a scrapbook, it will be enough that you took the time to make them or buy them something. Every gift counts. Don’t stress too much because there are always websites and ads that can help out too. Websites like Buzzfeed or Pinterest can give you some crafty gift ideas. There are also ads on social media, like Snapchat and Instagram that will give you other options for gifts.