Students still enjoy night despite Homecoming football loss

Vikings lose to Pewaukee 7-27


Sophia Pezze

The Vikings gather as the team loses 7-27 after a rough 4th quarter.

New Berlin, WI- Friday night the Pewaukee Pirates played against the New Berlin West Vikings for Viking’s homecoming football game. West lost with a final score of 7 to 27.

“It was sad to lose homecoming, but I saw it coming” said one junior. “Pewaukee is the number two team in the state after all.”

New Berlin’s final score does misrepresent the overall game however. The game was scoreless at half time and by the end of the third quarter, the Pirates had only scored one touchdown.   It was only in the fourth quarter that West’s defense broke down, allowing three touchdowns. One was the result of an interception and another was the result of a failed fourth down conversion.

The fourth quarter did witness the touchdown from West, run in by senior Chamika Wijenayake after a catch from sophomore quarterback John Kozlowski. Notable moments from other players included a 30+ yard run from senior Travis McKeon.

West failed to score twice when inside the twenty yard mark, once including a failed field goal.

The fan section was dominated by students donning blue and yellow. By the end of the night, there was also a blanket of white over much of the fan section. In the middle of the half time show, some seniors broke out cans of shaving cream and started a battle with shaving cream and silly string interspersed.

Senior Dom Ropella said about the commotion “It was really fun. [It] got everyone’s spirits lifted after half.”

The band, poms team, and the cheerleaders all preformed at half.

Also during the half time break the homecoming court couples were announced. Court was made of Erin Arnas and Zac Nordstrom, Anna Dineen and Eli Krause, Sarah Franzen and Amin Phakruddin, Anne Radtke and Nathan Latus, Carly Stauche and Ben Meleski, and Kerry Zynda and Spencer Stanfield. As Meleski, Latus, and Stanfield were still geared up, Radtke, Stauche, and Zynda walked together.

“I was so nervous” noted Dineen after the walk.

While the game was lost, many students walked away with a fun night and new memories.