West off to rough start


Dan Kazinski

Senior Scott Reichel completes a layup as the Vikings are defeated by Ike.

The Viking boys’ basketball team left the gym defeated last Tuesday. The loss marks the 3rd straight defeat in a row making their record 0-3.

Scott Reichel, a senior for West, won the tip for the Vikings. The first play ended in a turn over and the lions converted on the other end. The same possession repeated itself, and the Vikings ended up down. Reichel got a layup on the inside to bring the Vikings back into the game. They finished the first quarter close behind the lions. At half, the Vikings trailed the lions.

In the second half, the Vikings came with a new fire, but so did the lions. In the 4th quarter, the Vikings held the score, but were unable to advance it further. Collin Horning, a junior from Eisenhower, lit up the three’s from the outside, swish after swish. The Vikings fell short of a win by 20 points.

The team is “young and inexperienced”, said head coach Mr. Lewiston. Freshmen Fred Cottrell and sophomore John Kozlowski are both underclassmen for the team, and few are returning players.

Coach Lewiston believes this isn’t the end, however. The boys play Ike once again later in the year, and he says Vikings can come back and beat the Vikings.

Lewiston said his team needed “fewer mistakes, a better defense, and to run our offense.”

Lewiston expects that if the team can execute these three things, the Vikings will come out on top.  Viking fans hold on to see if it will come true at their next matchup.